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PHP Secure User Interface

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Hello Everybody,

I am new to this forum, but have some PHP experience, not too much, but enough to make my way around. I am currently looking to create a secure multi-user interface, which will allow users to login into the interface, and track user specific information. To be more specific, the users are photographers, whose sales will be tracked, and the photographers will need to see all their photos, as well as well as the number of times they have been sold, and how much profit the photographer made. There will also be an admin interface, which will allow the admin to update tables in mySQL db, which will have information about each photographer.

I am really hoping that there is something either commercially available, or through GPL, so that I will be able to implement it, without developing it from scratch. This is why I am posting this here. I was hoping somebody is aware of something simmilar to what I am looking to do. It is hard to believe that something this common would be so hard to find, but thus far I have not found anything like what I am looking to do.

If anybody is aware of anything that is out there, please, please let me know. Thank you all very much.


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