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Making One Value From Many

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Currently developing a GUI where my client can add important dates to their calendar. The info. is stored in a MySQL table where the field attribute is set to DATE.

I have 3 select boxes. 1 for the Month, 1 for the Day and 1 for Year. When submitted, I need to make their choices into one; international date format.

Here is what I have so far:

[code]$impdate = $_POST['impyear'] . $_POST['impmonth'] . $_POST['impday'];[/code]

Let's say they have April 1 2006 selected. As my script stands, when echo'd it produces the following:


My PROBLEM: How do I get the dashes in there also so MySQL recognizes it as a valid date format:


My gratitude ahead of time!

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You are the...PERSON!

My gratitude for helping me learn...(bows gracefully)

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