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need suggestion on how to do my print page problem.

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Hi there, I'm working with my project where I need to randomly pick data from a question database and place all the question that got lucky to a preview page to be printed if applicable.

So, i manage to randomly pick 50 question randomly with a bank of 100 objective questions using SQL

select * from question order by rand() limit 50

[!--coloro:#FF6600--][span style=\"color:#FF6600\"][!--/coloro--]I'm having some problem in my printing part [!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--]...

What i need to do with the printed page is to include a header of the Subject Code at the upper right of every page and bottom left the page number with the format of (current_page of total page)...

My Standard Question paper page will have the margin of 1 inch on top , a margin of 2 inch for left and right, and a margin of 3 inch from the bottom...

~n00bie in programming and web building~
I started to code in php and web building less than a week with the help of Dreamweaver 8... at list the php part was not so complicated as web building. feels like coding in c or java again...

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