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I need to know what i can do to improve my site,the templates and any other things that you can suggest.I have set up a demo account for you to login and see everything.This is a online dating site!!!!
[a href=\"http://www.singleconnexions.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.singleconnexions.com[/a]
username: demo7
password: demo07
If you have time please check my SEO as i am new to this and have no idea at all and badly need help.
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Now, this is a reasonably well-made site, but I have a few complaints. First off, your header: the all-text header doesn't look very good, and the heart inside it just doesn't work well, considering how much it sticks out. Also, on your front page blocks with images, I really don't like the blue text over it. It's hard to read. I would go into more detail, but then I noticed that your login system doesn't let me log in.
Oh, and my search pulled up a picture of a plant.
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A few things that I think would help:

1) The header... as mentioned by moberemk. The text looks awful and the name doesn't stand out enough.
2) Center it. I think centering it for larger resolutions would help tremendously.
3) Moderate the profiles that show up on the main page. The top image that I see is a guy laying there naked with his wang in full view. Refreshing supplied yet another guy with his crank out. For a "date site", this might scare some people off.
4) The name kinda sucks. No one will ever know how to spell that if you market it by word-of-mouth.
5) Contact page should show the form again when there are errors instead of just showing me the errors. The error messages appear to use the input tag's names. Spend a little time and make them spit out a better description of what is missing.
6) FAQ doesn't stay inside the main container width on 1280x1024.

It's a good start, but needs some tweaks.
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Hi guys,
thankyou for your thoughts here on my website.I am very sorry i gave you an incorrect login for my site.Try the following and have another look.
username: guest7
password: guest07

The main page i have redisgned it a few times now and i just cannot get anything looking right as i am so new to this stuff.i know the header is awful but without these skills its so hard.I am trying to learn though.If any of you guys are interested in designing a page for me i would be eternally gratefull.
The blocks of pics are automatically generated so its hard to control what pics show there all the time.I am trying to work out how to make a splash page for there so when people go to my site the splash page covers those images with a sexually explicit warning there and an enter and exit button to remove that splash page.Once again i am having trouble working this out,lol.Any help here too would be gratefully appreciated.
As for the FAQ page a web designer added a new main menu for me and when he did all my pages went funny.Some stretched and others like the FAQ's moved all the text to one side.The FAQ's page has me stumped though,once you sign into my site the page there is fine but not logged in it has all the text to the side.
Ober,i do not undersatand what you mean about my contacts page,sorry.Can you please elaborate for me.
Anyway thanks for your support here,please login now and let me know about the rest of the site and if you are interested in offering a small amount of help or advice here it would be greatfully appreciated.
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On your user page, the background images take forever to load, leaving me with something I can't use-white on white. In addition to that, everything on your site is fixed-width except for that page-that one goes out full width. More detail later.
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As far as the contact page, whenever you submit something and there are errors, all you get is a page that says "here are your errors". Then, you force the user to use the back button to go back and enter new information. You should show the form under the errors and fill the correct information back into the form. It's just user-friendliness.
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Hi Guys,
Sorry i never answered you all earlier but my PC died and went to heaven,,,lol.
I have a image pre-loading issue with the menu,thats why it shows white for a short time.I have tried fixing it but i have had no luck.Have you any suggestions how to fix this.
This error issue with the contacts page,i still do not understand what you are talking about here.Theres no errors that i am aware of so can you please explain to me what you mean.Sorry.
Thanks Guys
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Computer died? I'm sure everyone can sympathize with that.
Anyways, all my previous comments still stand. And as for the contact page, he means this: whenever he puts something in wrong to the contact page, it throws an error at him that makes him go back to the contact page and fill it out again, because the error is in a new page.

Oh, and one more thing: fix the blinking text in the sidebar. The blinking really gets on my nerves.
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