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Multipurpose DropDown Form HELP - Will pay for help


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Hello everyone,

This is a very simple problem, and I'm hoping to find a very simple answer. I've looked on several sites for the answer but no luck as of yet. I'm using a script called MultipurposeForm.php to create an easy dropdown list that will populate text fields below using information from an SQL database. I've managed to modify the script for my needs, except for one remaining issue. The dropdown list is shown in no particular order, and I need this to be shown in alphabetical order. If someone could please take a look at this script and modify the dropdown to be shown in alphabetical order, I would greatly appreciate it. Even more than appreciation, I would gladly pay $15 USD to anyone who can modify the script for me to complete this task. The script can be viewed at http://servicecomplete.net/formtest/soft.php or download the attached script.


Thank you in advance!



[attachment deleted by admin]

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(re)save the example script with a .phps extension(best), or as a text file. Then people can view it online instead of downloading, opening in an editor, blah blah


I'm sorry for the multiple replies, but I added the PHPS extension. Thanks a lot


PHPS: http://servicecomplete.net/formtest/soft.phps

TXT: http://servicecomplete.net/formtest/soft.txt

PHP: http://servicecomplete.net/formtest/soft.php

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Here's an example.


$result = mysql_query ("SELECT nachname, id, vorname FROM autor", $verbindung);

returns data in order it was entered


$result = mysql_query ("SELECT nachname, id, vorname FROM autor ORDER by vorname ASC", $verbindung);

returns data ordered alphabetically by vorname

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