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Help Pear HTTP::redirect

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I have an authenication system that works great on my test machine (XP Pro, IIS) however when I move the login page to the production server (2003, Apach2) it hangs. There are no errors in the apache logs, but it seems to be ignoring the HTTP::redirect command. I can manually go to the index after the login and it works, so the session variables are being set, I am just not getting redirected on the apache server.

Both servers have PHP5.1.2 and HTTP 1.4.0.

Any ideas what is going on



function login() {

$result = user_login($_POST['username'], $_POST['password']);
if ($result != 'Correct') {
$login_fail = $result;
else {
//Display Form
$form = new HTML_QuickForm('frmTest', 'post');
$form->addElement('header', 'MyHeader', 'Please Login');
//Form Input
$form->addElement('text', 'username', 'Username');
$form->addElement('password', 'password', 'Password');
$form->addElement('submit', 'btnSubmit', 'Submit');
//PHP Validation
$form->addRule('username', 'Your name is required', 'required');
$form->addRule('password', 'Your password is required', 'required');
//Example of Javascript validation
$form->addRule('password', 'Maximum postcode 8 characters', 'maxlength', 8, 'client');
//Checking Validation
if ($form->validate()) {
# If the form validates then freeze the data
$form->process('login', false);
echo "\n<HR>\n";


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