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IP obfuscation, timestamp-admin-edit option, label changing, etc.

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Are there pre-existing fully customizable PHP or PERL forums that allow for:
1.) timestamps to be edited by the admin [me] (I.E. being able to input -and- modify the pre-existing date, month, year, and timestamp that a user's post was originally posted at)
2.) have the public IP displayed obfuscated to show the first segment, for example 192.*.*.*, converted to (for sake of length and preserving layout) 6 to 8-char truncated hex code for public viewing (it would show as 313932 for example)
3.) this is usually nothing more than easily hand-editing the words to change from online/offline to connected/disconnected, and a handful of other labels, but must be an option in customization.

If anyone can provide all the above for me, I would be very grateful.
Thank you for your time.

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