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Full-Text not working with mysql_query() function

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I have just got a dedicated server for my online directory.
I have changed the ft_min_word_len to a value of 2, have rebooted the server and have checked the "Show variables like 'ft_min_word_len';" and this returns a value of 2. I have also reindexed the records. When I run MySQL (through Putty),

select * from businesses WHERE (MATCH (businessname, keywords) AGAINST('car'));

this returns 10 records.

But when I use the exact same query using,

$sql = "select * from businesses WHERE (MATCH (businessname, keywords) AGAINST('car'))";

etc etc.

it returns nothing. I know there is nothing wrong with the code as the same code using a searchstring of four or more characters it works fine. It just seems that the mysql_query statement does not work on less than four characters even though I have changed it.. Has anyone got any ideas as this is driving me mad.


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