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help with querying database

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Hi there people.

I have a table called activity in my database as follows;

ID acID time page
1 2 20060307205835 CRM Home
2 2 20060307205838 View customer detail
3 2 20060407205847 Inventory Home Page
4 2 20060407205911 CRM Home
5 2 20060607205916 Inventory Home Page
6 2 20060607212811 View Cases Screen
7 2 20060707212834 Create Case Screen

I want to query this databse from a certain time to a certain time.
I have got the query working;

SELECT * FROM `activity` WHERE time REGEXP '20060307*'

it returns everything starting with that, ignoring the digits after (those represent time so can be ignored).

I want to be able to search from a date e.g 20060307 to 20060707.

Any one have any idea how i can do this??

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If theyre numbers,

FROM activity
WHERE time BETWEEN 2006030700000 AND 2006070700000

If theyre dates, then you can use BETWEEN TO_DATE(start) AND TO_DATE(end). etc.

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