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Need Function Help PlZ

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Hi I have multiple functions and i cant figure out how to combine two functions. I have a function that displays a title and description. There is also one for displaying rating. I want to find a way to combine the information on the first function with the second. Is this possible? I have manage to make theme display seperatly, but I cant make it show together.

Here is an example:


function description($ID)

print "<A HREF=\"$Url\" TARGET=\"_BLANK\"><B>$LinkName</B></A> - $Desc<BR>\n";
print "<small><strong>URL: </strong><font class=\"text123\">$Url</font></small><BR>\n";
print " $rating";    <----I want rating there        


function rating($ID)
print "$rating\n" <--There is more to this function        



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You can call the one function form another of same
class using 'this' operator.

you can use like this
function description($ID){
print ($this->rating($ID));

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