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Handing Off Variable

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I have a rather large script that builds a table with lots of multisource data, then writes a report off of that table.

Due to it's size/runtime, the script had to be cut up into 5 separate PHP scripts.

It works great, but I need to make one change:

I have two inputs variables that I need to apply to the third page.

1. do I pass it with a GET link three time as I move from page to page (2.php?var=xxx, 3.php?var=xxx)
2. do I create a session, then call the session when I get to the third page?
3. is their a better way/easier way?
4. is it simply a matter of choice?

I know several ways to do it, I'm trying to learn "Best Practices" for this...


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Personally, I prefer sessions. They're easier/cleaner. That's just me though.

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