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Is there a way to protect the a PHP site from being copied?


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I'm new in PHP and for a new project I'm considering to use PHP but I couldn't find any information about protecting the scripts from being copied. Once I'm done with the development, I want to upload it on a web site but I want to prevent the site to be copied by the administrator to another site. Any idea is this possible and how this can be done?


Thank you

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well... I just created a .htm file on my desktop containing a direct link to one of my .php files that i've uploaded.. i rightclicked the link and saved the .php file on my computer and it didn't show anything except the HTML codes, same as you get if you rightclick on the .php page itself and select "View source"... but people with more skills than me probably would be able to get it tho... dunno... but I have no clue how to do it... hehehe

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Thank you for your reply.

I know that from the php file the end user will see only the HTML output but my question is how to protect the file from peope who have ftp access to the server.

For example in ASP the code is compiled as dll and "no one" can read it even if it has access to the server. And also in the dll I can include a protection that will prevent the code to work on another computer if someone copy all the files from the server.


One of the tools that I found to do this is "Zend Guard" (http://www.encodercompare.com/zend_guard) that provides even protection for reverse engineering but $1000 for annual subscription is way too expensive for me. All I need is to prevent someone with ftp access to the server to copy all the files from it and put them on another server (unlicensed use and redistribution).


Any recommendation ?


Thank you

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You get what you pay for.  There's plenty of other, cheaper obfuscators on listed on that site.


If the administrator of the site is not an experienced programmer, then simple obfuscation will be enough to stop him using your code.  It takes quite some skill to convert obfuscated code back into something useable.

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