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Recording Equipment and Programs


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Cubase (specifically SX, as SE is a little too restricted)  is great and comes with a relatively low learning curve. Logic Pro is more expensive and a bit harder to use (though similar in many areas) but comes crammed with stuff.


Personally I use Logic Pro but only because I decided to go the Mac route for music software. I have had NO issues using the following for a simple setup for all sorts:


- Apple Powerbook G4

- Rode NT1 Microphone - fairly cheap but incredibly good quality and versatile (ie, good for vocals AND mic'ing up an acoustic guitar)

- Novation Speedio external audio interface - simple, quite low price, great quality and comes with very low latency. I chose this over some significantly more expensive models, purely based on its results.

- Logic Pro 6

- Big Fat Drums & Amplitube plugings for drums and guitar effects


your choices will depend on what you're recording. I've just assumed here that you'd be doing music. If not, then scratch the last one but everything else still applies. If you're on a PC, then replace Logic with Cubase.


The best place/forums I've ever found for advice on this sort of stuff as well as stuff like the actual recording, mixing, mastering, etc is http://www.homerecording.com/bbs - dont let the name fool you, there are some serious professionals amongst the members.

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i used to be heavily into the local music scene so i'm friends with this studio engineer guy and he mostly uses Steinberg Nuendo. he mostly records voicing for radio advertisements and local recording artistes. i've used cubase and nuendo centuries ago but i don't really remember the difference but they were similar...or at least looked similar, back then.

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