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Need Help on PHP and MySQL wedding


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Dear People,


I need help, first of all my introduction:

I have done a number of simple VB (6.0) programs, including “socks”.


Lately I got interested in HTML “based” databases.

Naturally I took ASP as my language, and MS Access as my database.


While working with my interest (learning while programming actually), I meet trouble. I do not know how to upload files from the client browsers, later I was advised PHP would help me solve this problem easily. Thus, I tried to pick up PHP, well OK, I think I can migrate with a little bit of sweat.


At this point, I also call a local “server space provider”, he mentioned I need to do MySQL else he will charge me MORE money (is it normal?), OK I again got to migrate from MS Access, I am willing.


I downloaded PHP and MySQL and have installed them into my PC, but the problem is, I can’t create a table to get to work. In Access, I will simply create the table using office and use DSN, to get connected and work.


I need two helps (1) Are my migrations wise knowing my situation, (2) Please guide me on any settings I have to do the MySQL application or Dreamweaver application, and guide me to create a table (I understand SQL, problem, I can’t inch forward that is all). I have my IIS turned on, and I do not have Apache.


I have spent 7 hours on this MySQL thing getting no where!



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Thanks for your advice,

Please guide me or refer me to the tutorial. I need help on the application setup, coding should not be a problem, Thanks.

I think this is a common problem, I noted another posting with the same problem. 1 hr after my posting.

For a start I will use IIS, I will experiment with apache later, thanks.


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I think the problem is with your version... I read somewhere that PHP (unless it was Apache) does not support MySQL 5.  If I remember correctly you need to be running MySQL 4. But fret not, MySQL 4 is perfectly stable and reliable - That is the version I am using.  I also don't know very much about IIS but I don't think MySQL will run under it, if you want to stay with IIS you need to use MS-SQL.  And if you really want to get started with PHP and MySQL, the faster you move transfer to a typical LAMP setup the better.  That how I run my server, and I don't have any problems.


~ Notepad

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Hi BubbleGum,


Presently I use IIS, ODBC, ASP.


Let me be honest, I am confused.


Are you saying I need Apache, MySQL 4, PHP 5. Only then I will be able to get things moving.


I am willing to accept migration, please advice.


Firstly I will run things on my own pc, once settled then I will hire server space.


For a start, is there a free server space which will allow SQL services, I will need it for testing purposes, else I will be wasting money while I am trying things.




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notepad was commenting on the server setup


I work from home with WIMP (windows, IIS, mysql, php) and upload to a work server that is LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) both old versions of php and mysql so I am no help.. a google search on windows IIS php mysql install instructions should provide plenty of helpful information.


Just make sure what ever versions of php and mysql you install on your local machine for testing is the same as what is available on the production server!!

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Dear People,


I have just moved from ASP and ODBC to PHP and MySQL, becuase the later combination is cheaper I was told.


Actucaly codeing is not a problem, but I am stuck for 4 days now moving no where, please help me to setup my MySQL, I am using dreamweaver, can you share a simple example of creating a table, it is asking for password, but i do not have any to start with.


P.S. I know how to script but i can't get started, I am transfering my asp odbc codes to php My SQL now.



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Please Audience Help me,

I am restless with my situation, any bosy would 5 days, and going no where.

I plead you, please refer me to a tutorial address on how to start doing MySQL with PHP.

I am not lazy, please do not get me other wise, I have already done an ASP ODBC. I am in the event of converting them to PHP MySQL. :'(

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