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**solved** A simple query ?? - I hope

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Can someone give me an idea of how to put a INSERT statement - with a WHERE clause. below is my blown example. I am calling the vendors from the database, allowing one of them to be selected, then hit an active or inactive radio button (active_id) I would like to upload the active_id to the vendors table where the $_POST['vendor_id'] = the vendor_id in the table. Any Thoughts ????

if(!empty($_POST['submit'])) {
[b]$qry = mysql_query("INSERT INTO vendors (active_id) VALUES ('".$_POST['active_id']."') WHERE (vendor_id) = ('".$_POST['vendor_id']."');");[/b]
if($qry) { echo "<span class='content_blank'><strong>Vendor has been activated</strong></span>"; }
else { echo "<span class='content_blank'><strong>Error activating vendor</strong></span>"; }

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You need to use an UPDATE statement, not an INSERT.

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