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str_to_date issues


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The str_to_date function is driving me nuts.. working one minute and not working the next (returns null when not supposed to).


I have a simple public_holiday table with an `occurs` field of type varchar(255) not null default '1st January';


I have tried all manner of string data types and even setting the field to allow null but the function remains sporatic


the query used is:

SELECT str_to_date(occurs, '%D %M') FROM public_holiday; #works one day and returns null the next

SELECT str_to_date('1st January', '%D %M') from public_holiday; #always works


table contains:

1st January

26th January

Second Monday March


Before I give up on the function completely, does anyone know what might be causing the null returns?

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This might look similar to a recent thread where I requested a query to translate `Second Monday March`...


I expect `Second Monday March` to return null but I do not expect the same result for the 1st Jan and 26th Jan... anyways.. I have totally flagged the str_to_date function... now the values are being converted in php first since there are not many public holiday dates and I can apply the array in static form to a query using IN ().

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