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Help in serializing from OScommerce

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I use OScommerce, and the following code is the shopping cart content of a customer.
What code should I need to convert this to normal view and display in a page.
I really appreciate anyone's help.

a:2:{s:3:"qty";s:2: "72";s:11:"custom_data";
;s:10 :"color_code";s:7:"#912690";}
7:{s:4:"text";s:16:"SECOND LINE";s:9:"
"Primary Imprint Area";s:5:"image";s:32

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Well, to start, please edit your post and remove that incredibly long string from it so that we dont' have to scroll a mile to the right to view your post.

Use serialize to change your string back into an array, then you can display it back however you want.

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Hello hitman6003,
Oh my god! - Sorry for that long walk, it wasn't my intention.

I appreciate your help, but can you elaborate a little bid for me please. The point is that I don't go so deep in php, so in other words, I'm starting. I need help please.

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That string is a representation of an array. It's obtained by using the function serialize (http://www.php.net/serialize) on an array. In order to return it to it's original form, which is a very usable array, you will want to use unserialize (http://www.php.net/unserialize).

From there, you can loop through it and produce a table, or select out only certain elements for a table, or what ever you want to do with it.

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