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Won't recognize variables in the URL


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I have a server running off my PC, mostly for testing... and it has PHP/MySQL installed.
Everything works pretty well, except for some reason it's not recognizing any variables that I put in the URL.

url = www.site.com/index.php?check=1

if($check == "1"){
} else {
echo"something else!";

no matter what i set check at... i still get "something else" ...

or... if i where to say echo"$check"; ... nothings there....

any ideas...


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How php treats sertain variables depends on one setting in the php.ini file which is the [b]regsiter_globals[/b] setting. Your shared hosting account has this set to [b]On[/b] (which isn't recommended any more as it can lead to security issues) and you local server has it turn [b]Off[/b] which is recommended.
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