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problem in connecting to database

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i have a problem in connecting to the database. i created the database using phpMyAdmin and using Macromedia Dreamweaver as the platform for my codes. when i view my interface in the browser which request information from my database, a dialog box appears asking whether to open, save or cancel the php file that is related to the database and do not return the result which is suppose to come from the database. the database contains login information that contains two field which are the username and password

these are the codes which i used:

1. sample html file to retrieve info from the database
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<body style = "background-color: #F0E86C">
   <h2 style = "font-family: arial color: blue" >
   Querying a mysql dbase</h2>
   <form method = "post" action = "try.php">
   <p>Select a field to display:
   <!--add a select box containing options-->
   <select name = "select">
      <option selected = "selected">* </option>
      <option> username</option>
   <input type = "submit" value = "Send Query"
      style = "background-color: blue;
      color:yellow; font-weight: bold" />
</html> [/code]

2. the connection codes using php which i named as connect.php


// connect to the database server  
if (!($db = mysql_connect($hostname, $mysql_login , $mysql_password))){  
  die("Can't connect to database server.");      
  // select a database  
    if (!(mysql_select_db("$database",$db))){  
      die("Can't connect to database.");  
?>  [/code]

3. codes to retrieve result. i used the include method to call for the connection to the database.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<body style = "font-family: arial, sans-serif"  
    style = " background-color : #FOE68C " >
    //check if user has left username or password field blank
    if( !$username || !$password ) {

extract ($_POST);
//$var = @$_POST['select'];

//build SELECT query
$query = "SELECT" . $select . " FROM logininfo ";

//connect to MySQL
if (!( $database = mysql_connect( "localhost", "root", "")))
    die ("Could not connect to database");

//open myfyp database
if (!mysql_select_db( "logininfo", $database))
    die ("Could not open myfyp database");
//query myfyp database
if (! ( $result = mysql_query ($query, $database))) {
    print ("Could not execute query! <br/> ");
    die( mysql_error() );

<h3 style = "color : blue">  
Search Result</h3>

<table border = "1" cellpadding = "3" cellspacing = "2"
    style = "background-color: #ADD8E6" >
    // fetch each record in result set
    for ( $counter = 0;
        $row = mysql_fetch_row ( $result);
        $counter++ ) {
        //build table to display results
        print( "<tr>");
        foreach ( $row as $key => $value )
            print ("<td> $value </td>" );
            print ("</tr>");
        mysql_close ( $database );
    <br /> Your search: <strong>
    <?php print ("$counter") ?> results. <br/> <br/></strong>

</html>   [/code]

i hope somebody can help me with the problem. thank you

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