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Handling User Images


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So, I'm still building this "hot or not" site for my client and I was thinking about how to handle all of the user images.


I was thinking of having all of the images in 1 directory...but after a while it will get pretty full.


What are your thoughts about:

1. Keeping them all in one directory

2. Having an image directory with indevidual directories that are named the userid or username (user_images/1/my_image.jpg)

3. Having #2 broken down by first username initial. ex: username - admin (user_images/a/1/my_image.jpg), username - tom (user_images/t/1/my_image.jpg)

4. any other ideas?


I'm trying to make this as easy to manage (and practical) in all aspects as possible. Please let me know your thoughts.




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is there any reason why the images directory being "full" is a bad thing? It wont get full to the point you can no longer write to it.


I use a DB to keep track of all the stuff you'll find in the $_FILES array (mime, filename, etc) as well as a unique filename I generate for the file on upload. I generate my own names mainly to avoid any sort of clash, with something along the lines of:


$ext = '.jpg'; // this is retrieved from $_FILES['name'], not preset like this

// repeat this loop until we have a unique filename
do {
   // generate a random filename
   $filename = md5(rand()) . $ext;
} while (file_exists(UPLOAD_DIR . $filename));

// $filename now can be inserted into the DB, and is also a unique filename

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I wrote a program somewhat similiar to this.  We use it at my work do archive scanned documents.


I found that keeping files in folders based on a customer's uid has been helpfull once or twice but is not mission critical by any means.  One thing that I do like about it, is if our database was ever destroyed, the tape backups on site were destroyed, and our off site backup facility was nuked, I would still be able to grab documents directly off the hard drive...



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Well, even if you keep the images in a DB you still need to decide how you'll store them on your file system.


Each method (categorizing by user name / id or just dumping into a single directory) has its advantages and disadvantages.

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