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RealServer and MySQL

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Hi Everybody,

I have a problem trying to make RealServer and MySQL talk to each other.

Actually I do not know how to make them talk to each other at all

of course I\'m using ODBC connection BUT

the ODBC connection for the RealServer is supported under Windows only

(as far as I know).

Does anybody know how to connect them together


I you need more explanation please let me know

any idea will be great

Thank you in advance

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I am not clear with ur requirment


Now if u have a mysql in a remote machine


and u want to connect u have to use MYSQL-ODBC driver whcih can be found @ mysql.com


Once u have that u can create a DSN and connect to the remote database!

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My problem is that I want to use MySQL Database with RealServer

- RealServer Support ODBC but through Windows only.

- MySQL Support ODBC too, through MyODBC.


But MySQL and RealServer are under Unix

and I do not know if I can make them talk


To make the ODBC Connection for RealServer you have to use


* Go to Control Panel and under Admin. Tools -> [ Data Sources (ODBC) ]


I hope that this is more clear.


Thank you so much

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