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help center live 2.0.6

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I had installed the latest version of HCL, i have create the operators, departaments and assigned them.
I have put the code in visitor page, and make a test. I asked someone to request help via chat from visitor page, and me i was waiting on admin panel with live help window opened. I have seen him, he ask for a chat request, i have accepted but in my help window is no chat field. Only a info visitor field above it is writing: "chatting". [img src=\"http://www.greek-auctions.gr/hclbug.gif\" border=\"0\" alt=\"IPB Image\" /]
I asked for support in the official support forums [a href=\"http://www.ubertec.co.uk/forums\" target=\"_blank\"]ubertec.co.uk[/a]
and didn't helped..

This is not a javascript bug not either something with the "timer" settings in config file.
Also i checked this in different versions of HCL and couple of browsers (mozilla suite, internet explorer, opera).


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