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Hey guys,
I've did a little work for a radio station with php extracting stats from xml info in shoutcast servers. Now I have another station asking if I can do Windows Media work. I'm totally lost.

I've never even used windows media player at all. Only winamp.

Has anyone ever interacted php with any windows media info?

I need a quick run down and maybe some reference links if posible.
I can't seem to find nothing.


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Im pretty sure windows-media would have some interfaces available through COM, but really, this depends on what they want you to do.

You do realise that php runs on the server while windows media runs on the client? You cannot interact with client applications through a server side tech.

What exactly are they asking you to do? If you want to try and find some COM interfaces for win media, try searching at [a href=\"http://msdn.com\" target=\"_blank\"]msdn[/a], but really, COM is a complete nightmare.

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