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Need help with very basic refferal ID tracer


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Client wants to know which agents's custumers are filling out his online booking form.


Is there a easy way of doing this ? is there a php code which might handle this?


Ultimately when the client receives his online form booking of a customer, client wants to know which agent referred him/her(customer who filled out the form).


many thanks in advance



                    Main CLIENT



AGENT 1        AGENt2      AGENT3     ... AGENT100


Cust01                      Cust05                Cust07

Cust02                      Cust06                Cust08


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First of all, don't expect us to make the code for you. Post that in the freelancer section if you do.


Second of all, the code will undoubtedly involve cookies (more on that here). If you actually get started on your code, and you are still having trouble, then you can post your specific code for any recommendations. But read some tuts first.

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Just take it easy my friend. I need some directions and that is why I have posted the question under 'PHP Help'.


I thought someone possibly had similar circumstances and might shed some light. I did not ask you or anyone to write the code for me either so if I could put it as delicately as I can please just cool it.


I have read some tuts and none was helpful to my problem thus the reason why question was posted.


BTW who is 'us' anyway. This is a forum for the members. I am a member so are you.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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