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wanting to use ajax to send newsletter


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I am working on a newsletter management script in php.  The problem i am having is the browser times out after 30 seconds and there are 5000 + users in the newsletter.  I thought about using ini_set to change the timeout time, but then users will think the page has hung up and leave the page...inturn stopping the newsletter from sending all the emails.


My question is will ajax timeout after a set amount of time or could i use ajax to send the newsletters and create some sort of progress indicator?


Thanks in advance.

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well the problem would be with the php not the javascript. So you should change the ini_set and maybe put a message saying "please wait...this might take a while" or something like that. You can also get javascript to do that on the wait state.

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i was thinking that when they hit submit on the form to send the newsletter it would fire up ajax in the background and disable  the page from being used and put a progress indicator up just showing the progress of sending out the emails i suppose as you  are saying during the wait state.  How long does ajax wait in the wait state before it times out?  That is what i am afraid of...don't really want to do all the work to find out javascript has the same problem as php in this case.

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