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Help with mysqldump

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I\'m trying to backup a database that I have located on one server to another server on my network. So far I haven\'t had any luck. I can back the database up to a file locally, but not across the network. Here is the syntax I\'m using along with the error message...


C:mysqlbin>mysqldump -u webuser -p pass --opt fonemail | mysql 

--host= fonemail_backup

ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: \'@OSPSDEV3\' to database \'fonemail_backup\'


I\'ve created a DB called fonemail_backup at the remote location and I have granted all privileges to webuser@OSPSDEV3 however it is still saying access denied. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!


- Brad

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Is the access granted elsewhere than from localhost for this user? Use your IP for this field or simply % to allow connections from everywhere for this user.



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