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Performing a search query

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I am fairly confident i can perform a search query when using a few variables (i.e for my website they might be catalog_num, colour, maximum and minimum price e.t.c).
What if i wanted to perform a search on all my databases?? So that the user can simply type in a keyword and all databases will be searched and if a product is found it is displayed. Is it worth me doing this and is it a long process and is the coding very complicated because the only way in which i can think of doing this is by searching every single column in each table and as i have a number of large tables which are all linked together i think this would be complicated.
If you have done this before or know how to do this please give your opinion.

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Only way I know is in the query it would be similar to

SELECT db1.products.color, db2.members.color FROM db1.products, db2.members

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