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PHP.ini and SMTP

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If my mail() function gets it's 'From' address from whomever has logged in:

mail($_SESSION['member_Email'][$i], $subject, $message, "From: " . $_POST['From']);

What do I use for the "sendmail_from" setting in the PHP.ini?
Any help is appreciated.

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If the from header is set correctly, you don't need to set the sendmail_from in the .ini. You'll notice that when the From: header isn't set, then PHP yells at you saying you need one or the other. In the case of sending mail out from a variable address, then you need to format the From: header the right way. It's been a hit or miss for me, but what seems to work is


Notice there are no spaces. Sometimes a space will work, sometimes I need the < and > brackets, seems to depend on the server I am working on.

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