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Page not loading after adding php code

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I'm not a php expert in ANY respect so I was wondering if you guys could help me with one small detail also.

I have a website named www.onestopanime.net and for my anime episode updates, I usually write what videos I have uploaded to my website to an area on the website named anime episode updates so that people know what I have added.

I put this on my template - <?php include ('/home/htdocs/onestopanime/www/content.php'); ?>

And it works for all my top level files like www.onestopanime.net/index.php

But, for files like this, www.onestopanime.net/yakitate!!japan/animeepisodedownloads.php it ruins the page, like it doesn't even fully load. (If you can't tell what I'm talking about, you can use the link can show you).

Could you show me how to fix this?


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