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Cannot Redeclare

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Hello... I was wondering if anybody could help me find a solution to my rather annoying problem!!

I used to run these scripts on another server without any hiccups... However, on the new server, I keep getting "Cannot Redeclare"; I have tried include_once though that didn't work either?

I've included the scripts here for you - it is a login system:


[!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]<form action="process_login.php" method="post" name="login" id="login">
<table width="56%" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0">
<tr class="logtext">
<td width="42%"><span class="style35"> USERNAME</span></td>
<td width="58%">
<input name="username" type="text" id="username2" size="15">
<tr class="logtext">
<td><span class="style35">PASSWORD</span></td>
<input name="password" type="password" id="password" size="15">
<tr class="logtext">
<td>  </td>
<td><input type="image" name="submit" src="images/enter.jpg" width="115" height="20"></td>
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0">
<tr class="text">
<td width="100%" align="left" valign="top" class="style42 style41 style39 text"><div align="center"><strong><? echo $thanks_output; ?>
if (isset($error_output))
echo '<p class="logtext" text-align: center;">' . $error_output . '</p>';

For some unbeknown reason - this forum will not let me post; so here come multiple messages:

OK... It's really not going to let me post the code in here - therefore I really don't know how to show you the problem?

MM :(

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Check my topic.

1. I also had a poblem with redeclare
2. Resolved the problem posting code

[a href=\"http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88217\" target=\"_blank\"]Click me[/a]

Hope it helps :)

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