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Missing Argument?

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First question: How can you show the folder before, for example: "/upload/lpxxfaintxx/category2" NOT just "category2".

function this_folder_name($path){
   if (!$path){$path=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];}
   $current_directory = dirname($path);
   $current_directory = str_replace('\\','/',$current_directory);
   $current_directory = explode('/',$current_directory);
   $current_directory = end($current_directory);
   return $current_directory;
print this_folder_name();


Question 2:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for this_folder_name(), called in C:\wamp\www\aimphotogallery\ownmod\foldername.php on line 17 and defined in C:\wamp\www\aimphotogallery\ownmod\foldername.php on line 9

The script works, but the error keeps on popping up. Its starting to bug me, is there any solution?

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You have declared the function with a parameter. That means when you want to call that function you must pass a parameter to it.


function urfunc ($param) {
return $string;

print urfunc(); // this will fail as you have no parameter.

print urfunc('word_or_var'); // this will work as there is a parameter being passed.

If you don't want to pass a parameter you can define default values for parameters so that passing them is not neccessary.

function urfunc ($param = 'default_val') {
return $string;

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