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Best Practice ../file_name/img_name

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I think it is fair to say we know what we know, and have no clue what we don’t know, so here’s another thing I discovered that I don’t yet know.

This whole [../file_name/img_name] thing, especially the …/ bit, WHAT??? Like most of us I come from an HTML background where you gave the file path and that was it, images/img_1.jpg etc.

Now I here in the pub last night that something along the lines of server_root/images/img_1.jpg is more correct… again WHAT???

Ok, so which is the best, most bullet proof way of getting the image to the screen, the one which I don’t need to change the number of dots or slashes if I move a file??? The one that Mr. Explorer doesn’t look at and think that a little drop shadow box with a red cross is a better option to…(/)?

End of rant/question


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