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Using www.servage.net? Please let me know :)


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If you are using www.servage.net to host your site(s) I would really appreciate if you posted the URL of your site(s) and what country you live in :)


Sure thing! I have www.mydomain.com and www.mydomaintoo.com hosted at servage.net and I live in Mycountry


The reason why I ask this information is that I'm thinking of using them myself and therefore would like to see some sites / scripts / resources / pictures actually hosted by them to get a feel of the "availability"/"speed" and some ping times.


I look forward to hear from you


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Email them with something like

"Can you send me a list of some site's you have hosted on your server from some of your clients. I am wanting to get a feel for the speed/availability/quality of you (as a hosting company) and I think that would be the best way for me to do that.  Thank you."

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Thanks for your reply buisnessman332211 - it's certainly an option, but I don't think they have the right / want to give away that information. Furthermore I think it's more representative to check out sites / resources from people who are actually customers :)


Hopefully someone will have his or her site(s) hosted there and be kind enough to share the information with me.

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Hey, I live in NY, USA


Sites on Servage:









I don't mind them, they give you a decent amount for a good price, i'm always getting emails from them now saying they upgraded this or that and they are giving me more of something. The speed is decent for me I guess, it's a little on the slow side so I put all of my test/project and/or slow traffic sites on there. If you go with servage let me know I'll give you my key and I think you get a few more months for free. Another good host is www.dreamhost.com I like them a little better. If you go with them I can give you a coupon off of that too. PM me if you want those.

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Thanks a lot for your reply cmgmyr. All the sites had round trip times >200ms but seemed pretty responsive - maybe a bit slow as you said, but bare in mind that I live in Denmark.


I'll still like to hear from more servage.net users :)



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