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[SOLVED] Changing IFRAME form link in main frame.


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How can i have a link that will open in an iframe.  (So if i click a link in a submenu it will load new content into the iframe).  Some think similer to adding <a href="" target="_iframe">



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I have solved both problems just today for my website.  I will help you out.  Okay as far as the loading content into iframe.  here it is. 


<iframe src="thing.html"  name="content"></iframe>   


The name is the important part.  now in the link do this:

<a href="homepage.html" target="content">


the target and name should be the same.


to auto adjust the height.  go here:


http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/iframessi2.htm  (Id and name are two different commands for iframe)


I used this to solve the auto adjust the height, and it works great with almost every browser.  IE, Firefox have given me no problems. 

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