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I am curious why my uploaded image is not going to the proper folder


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This is the first time I have worked with uploading files through and html form with php.  I can not see why this is not working.  I used this form once and it worked and then I started adding some other things to the file and of course it does not want to move the file properly anymore. I just can not see why it is not working anymore.  If anyone spots something please let me know....


session_name ('YourVisitID');
session_start(); // Start the session.

// If no session value is present, redirect the user.
if (!isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) {

// Start defining the URL.
$url = 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);
// Check for a trailing slash.
if ((substr($url, -1) == '/') OR (substr($url, -1) == '\\') ) {
	$url = substr ($url, 0, -1); // Chop off the slash.
$url .= '/index.php'; // Add the page.
header("Location: $url");
exit(); // Quit the script.

$page_title = 'Upload Awards or Paddles';

$counter = 1;

if(isset($_POST['submitted'])) {


for($i = 0; $i < $counter; $i++) {

$filename = 'upload' . $i;
$description = 'description' . $i;
        $pledge_class = 'pledge_class';

if(isset($_FILES[$filename]) && ($_FILES[$filename]['error'] !=4)) {

	if(!empty($_POST[$description])) {
		$d = "'" . escape_data($_POST[$description]) . "'";

		} else {

		$d = 'NULL';


	$query = "INSERT INTO ap_uploads (pledge_class, file_name, file_size, file_type, description) VALUES ($pledge_class, '{$_FILES[$filename]['name']}', '{$_FILES[$filename]['size']}', '{$_FILES[$filename]['type']}', $d)";
	$result = mysql_query ($query);

if($result) {

$upload_id = mysql_insert_id();

if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$filename]['tmp_name'], "awards_paddles_img/$upload_id")) {

		echo '<p>File number ' . ($i + 1) . ' has been uploaded!</p>';

		} else {

		echo '<p><font color="red">File number ' . ($i +1) . 'could not be moved.</font></p>';

		$query = "DELETE FROM ap_uploads WHERE upload_id = $upload_id";
		$result = mysql_query($query);


	} else {

		echo '<p><font color="red"> Your submission could not be processed due to a system error.</font></p>';




<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="upload_ap_images.php" method="post">

<fieldset><legend>Fill out the form to upload the image:</legend>
<input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="524288" />

<br />

<p><b>Please Make Sure That There Are No Spaces In The File Name.</b></p>  <p>For Example, the filename picture 1.jpeg is not correct.  The filename picture1.jpeg or picture_1.jpeg is correct.</p>

<br />

for ($i = 0; $i < $counter; $i++) {

?><p>Pledge Class:<?php
  // Make the pledge class array.
$pledgeclass = array (1 => 'FF', 'Alpha', 'Beta', 'Gamma', 'Delta', 'Epsilon', 'Zeta', 'Eta', 'Theta', 'Iota', 'Kappa', 'Lambda', 'Mu', 'Nu', 'Xi', 'Omicron', 'Pi', 'Rho', 'Sigma', 'Tau', 'Upsilon', 'Phi', 'Chi', 'Psi', 'Omega');

// Make the pledge class pull-down menu.
echo '<select name="pledge_class">';

echo "<option value=\"\">Select Pledge Class</option>\n";
foreach ($pledgeclass as $key => $value) {

echo "<option value=\"$value\">$value</option>\n";
echo '</select>';

echo ' <p><b>File:</b> <input type="file" name="upload' . $i . '" /></p>
       <p><b>Description:</b><br /> <textarea name="description' . $i . '" cols="40" rows="5"></textarea></p><br />

<input type="hidden" name="submitted" value="TRUE" />
<div align="center"><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Upload Images" /></div>


include ('./includes/footer.html');

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I checked the permissions and they we not correct.  I have since changed them to the proper permissions, but still it is not moving the file properly.  I also changed it to an absolute link and they only produced an error.  If anyone else has any other suggestions please let me know. 

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May not help, but force the script to recognize that you mean "the current directory" by prepending "./" to the folder name:


move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$filename]['tmp_name'], "./awards_paddles_img/$upload_id")


Is it moving the file at all, or is it moving it to an incorrect location?

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