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eregi_replace help

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ok here is what i have so far...

im trying to add a feature to my search page that will highlight the searched words

sorry for the messy code, it is scattered throughout the page, I just got all the important stuff.
i left out a lot of the code, including the loop for diplaying the results. so say you search for the word, dog
then what you see here will replace the word doggy with 'gy' removing the 'dog' part of it all together. hope you can tell me whats wrong with it,


$inKeyword = preg_match("/^[A-Za-z]([A-Za-z0-9\s]*[A-Za-z0-9])*$/",$_POST['search']) ? $_POST['search'] : die("Bad Search Term Numbers and Letters only");
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $sTableName WHERE PAGE_CONTENT LIKE '%$inKeyword%'");

$text_output = strip_tags($message, '');
   $search_results = substr($text_output, 0, 200);
//begin highlighting searched word
   $searchterm = array($inKeyword);

foreach($searchterm as $searchwords) {

$search_results = eregi_replace($searchwords, "<span style=\"background-color: yellow;\"$searchwords </span>", $search_results);

//end highlight search word

   //display the search results

echo "$link <br> $search_results ... <br><hr>";

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