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[SOLVED] Bypassing selects


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I have a profile system which allows members to input info and save it to the database for there profile


A few fields are SELECTS




Favourite Music


So for instance


From (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland)


THat works fine, but what happens if someone makes a html document and injects code




Then posts it to my php that excutes and writes to the database


In essance they can bypass the select I have and input what ever data they want


Whats the best way around that, I was going to use a SET in the database structure but one of the selects has about 90 options


Ideas guys?

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Im not bothered about them entering HTML etc, I just dont want them to be able to add there own content


I want them to only be able to select the cotent I have decided on via the drop down list where as some people are creating forms locally and posting them to my php for execution

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Simply check the posted vars against an array of valid options. eg;



  $valid = array('foo','bar','bob');
  if (!in_array($valid,$_POST['options'])) {
    echo "option not valid";


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