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Erica McLane

Can`t get categories and items to work. Need help.

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I have the following MySQL tables:



CategoryID VARCHAR 30;

CategoryName VARCHAR 30;




CategoryID VARCHAR 30;

BookName VARCHAR 50;


I want to put them on a table (HTML formated). There will be two columnts - one for \'CategoryName\' and one for \'BookName\'. The left column should be filled with the contents of \'CategoryName\' like this:




|Comic | or whatever is in the MySQL table.


In the second column I want a drop-down style listboxes filled with the contents of \'BookName\'. The listboxes should be exactly the same number as the Categories. (i.e. One listbox (filled with the BookName contents that match the CategoryName field) in the row of the Adventure category.


So, my question is \"How to get the contents of the BookName fields that have the same CategoryID (in Books) number as the category Adventure in CategoryName which will have CategoryID 1.

Here is a table:




CategoryID | CategoryName

1 | Adventure

2 | Comic

3 | Horror




BookID | CategoryID |BookName

1 | 1 | AdventureBook

2 | 1 | Another Adv. Book

3 | 2 | Asterix


So, depending on the CategoriID value I want to fill the apropriate listbox with

the corresponding values.

In the page where Adventure lies the checkbox should have AdventureBook and Another Adv. Book.

Got the idea? Can you help me?


Thanks in advance?

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