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Well, this is a really simple, Vista/Office 2007/AJAX inspired calendar.  I have created just enough to display the events which I have manually put in the database, so don't go trying to add new events as it isn't yet possible.  Anyways, all I really want is for people to change months and have a look around, make sure everything looks right.  You can switch through the months and double click on a day to show the events for that day.  Tell me if you like the windows as well, and the ability to stack and move them.



- Browsers

  - Tested - IE 7, Firefox, Opera 9

  - Need Testing - Firefox <, Opera < 9, Safari

- Browser Specifics

  - Javascript


This DOES NOT, SHOULD NOT and WILL NOT work in IE 6.  I resent anyone that actually adds support for a non-standards-compliant browser in CSS, HTML, and JS.  Plus, someone had to set the expiration date for this terrible excuse for a browser anyways.  It's not that I'm insulting internet explorer at all, because I believe IE 7 is a great browser (though I still think it has many issues and that Firefox is better, it's improvement for Microsoft).  IE 6 just came out before standards were a huge deal.  Now, I have no reason to code a project that has browser-specific hacks to emulate what a browser should support by default.


Also, please note that this doesn't currently account for user timezones.  All timezones are in perspective of the server.  This is definitely just a start, and I know that.  I just don't want to continue with a project if it's no good.

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Looks cool. But when I scroll my mouse over the back/forward (and the x at the top right corner), it says "[object HTMLelement]" (as the title attribute). You might want to remove that.

Fixed.  It was a problem with the JS, not the HTML.  I'm still unaware of exactly how it happened since the JS never modified the title attribute of anything, but I managed to get that fixed.  Thanks.

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