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refresh framed pages on submit plus go to url

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i am needing to know how or if you can have a button that when selected goes to a specified url and refresh's the frames page

reason being that i have a members area and i want it to tell the user when they first enter the site if they are logged in in the header (top frame page) and when they click log in and it is successful log in it refresh's the frame page or even just the header to tell them their logged in along with certain options. and then when they log out it will refresh the page saying that they are logged out. i already have the header set up to display this info but it only display's if manually refreshed.

if there is a way to do this please let me know.

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ok nevermind that i figured out how i can do it by getting rid of the frames and just usein

include 'header.php'

but now the only issue i am having is that all my forms are popping up in a new window. can someone please tell me why that would be happening. it didn't do it to me before but now that i am includeing header.php it does. please help.


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