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Dreamweaver? I Don't Get It, Never Works Right For Me.

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Hey All,

So I am curious, I have been hand coding php and mysql in dreamweaver for years, but I know dreamweaver can do some stuff for you via the applications tab and recordsets. But for the life of me, I cant figure out how to make it work for me.

For example, how do you have it create a form which users provide values in a textbox and select values from pulldown menus and then the form puts all the values the user enteres into a mysql database. Also, how do you have it populate fields from a database.

Basically I cant get dreamweaver to do anything useful for me in design mode. ;)

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1.) help menu will do alot for you
2.) adding tables and what not are in the insert menu
3.) a quicker way to do these things are in window>insert or hotkey Ctrl+F2 (this will bring up a toolbar that has alot on it)

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