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I have four columns: score_gross1, score_gross2, score_gross3, score_gross4

I have a select statement:

[code]SELECT * FROM pt_stats WHERE tourn_id='$tourn_id' AND score_wd = '0' AND score_dq = '0' ORDER BY `score_gross1` ASC LIMIT 0,1 [/code]

I would like to display the order from day to day by adding the columns together, not just by one column. Something like below.

[code]$er_roundttl = $score_gross1 + $score_gross2 + $score_gross3 + $score_gross4;[/code]

Is there anyway to work this into the SELECT statement? Is there any other way to do this.

Below is the code I use to display the results.

[code]while ( $rowpl= mysql_fetch_array($resultpl)){extract($rowpl);
        $row_color = ($row_count % 2) ? $color1 : $color2;
        /*$er_roundttl = $score_gross1 + $score_gross2 + $score_gross3 + $score_gross4;*/
        $place = $row_count + 1;
        echo "<tr class='$row_color'>\n";
        echo "<td align='center'>$place</td>\n";
        echo "<td width='30%'><a href='../statistics/playerstats.php?player_id=$player_id'>$pt_player_name</a></td>\n";
        echo "<td>$score_gross1</td>\n";
        echo "<td>$score_gross2</td>\n";
        echo "<td>$score_gross3</td>\n";
        echo "<td>$score_gross4</td>\n";
        echo "<td>$er_roundttl</td>\n";
        echo "<td>$$score_money.00</td>\n";
        echo "<td>$score_tpoints</td>\n";
        echo "</tr>\n";

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This will calc totals and output highest totals first

[code]SELECT *, (score_gross1 + score_gross2 + score_gross3 + score_gross4) AS roundTotal
FROM pt_stats
WHERE tourn_id='$tourn_id'
    AND score_wd = '0'
    AND score_dq = '0'
ORDER BY roundTotal DESC[/code]

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