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No Mercy Anti-Spam Script


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I've been working on an anti-spam email PHP script for one of the sites I'm developing. The script is designed to be a generic script which can be reused across multiple sites.


It works in multiple stages:

  • Sending form must send a returning url variable. If it does not, the script shows a general error. This is intended to prevent cross site scripting hacks
  • HTTP_REFERER must be in an allowed array which I maintain. If HTTP_REFERER is null or is not contained in this array, an error is returned.
  • Email address must be syntactically valid, otherwise an error is returned.
  • REMOTE_ADDR is checked against a blacklist of known spammer IPs. If the REMOTE_ADDR is in the list, an error is returned
  • All fields are checked for spam keywords against a list of common spam words. If any spam words are found, the IP is added to the blacklist and an error is returned.
  • Finally, the recipient address is hard coded so emails come to me and me only.



Now...I'm after feedback on how this works. Am I going overboard ? Is there any additional security measures that I should be taking ? I have considered adding a hash key system to the script, would this be overkill ?

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