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[SOLVED] help with simple insert


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I am new to mssql and am trying to move my info from a mysql database to a mssql database. I have just about everything figured out but the INSERT INTO part. what do you used to separate rows. Here is what I have so far


INSERT INTO Associa_Networkinfo (Member_Company, Office, Address, Domain, Network_Connection, Device_Name, Serial_Number, Device_Type, Interface, IP_Address, Mask, IAF, Description) VALUES 
('Community Archives', 'Community Archives - Tucson, AZ', '7580 N. La Cholla Blvd|Tucson|AZ|85741', 'CA', 'Point to Point', 'CA-2821-B-7580', '', 'Router', 'Serial0/0/0|GigabitEthernet0/0.2|', '||', '/30|/24|', '||', 'Router - P2P Link|Router - Data VLAN|'),
('Community Management Corporation', 'CMC - Fairfax, VA (HQ)', '12701 Fair Lakes Circle Suite 400|Fairfax|VA|22033', 'CMC', 'NVPN', 'cmc_main', '', 'Router', 'GigabitEthernet0/0|Serial0/1/0|Serial0/0/0:0.2|Serial0/0/0:0.3|', '||||', '/24|/30|/30|/30|', '|1138940|||', 'Router - Data VLAN|Router - NVPN Link|Router - P2P Link|Router - P2P Link|');


And I am getting an error on , between the rows.


Thanks for the help

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