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Implementing php management audio,video content.


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I have a new project on my hands and I have some issues with this.


It is a management system for a label company and it needs to be finished in 2 months.


It will be for about 80.000 mp3 and I don’t now exact haw many movies.


For the hard-ware I have split the problem in two parts, one is the server with php ( php 5 ) and the database ( MySql 5 )– dual xeon ( for testing..), and the file server/servers that will handle all the data, with 7 TB, for the start.


I started to design the database and also draw the php layers for the system.


I have to make a system that will allow the management team to create their audio play list and then lissen a predefined time for the mp3’s.They don’t want to listen for the song “on the browser” (embed flash player or other players…), but when they select a song I will send them a stream with the predefined time for the audio file. With what application they will hear it not my concern.


It is the same for the video section, I have to open a stream for the file to be vied but not save

I don’t now haw to implement the security and the interaction - stream issue.


I will begin after 15 June with server tests. If some one is interested I will show the results. I estimated for start a 20.000 row for one table and another 10.000 – 15.000 row entries for other tables with join information’s.


i will start to implement the information's provided by Rasmus Lerdorf at OSCON in the article Getting Rich with PHP 5, i didn't find a article or book that can teach me more, i also didn't set my mind on a Linux distribution yet for the server.


Please give me some hints!

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First, how did you con this company into trusting you?  But more seriously, I'm not sure what exactly it is that you're asking after.  Do you want help designing a general CMS system, or for security concerns with streaming?  I'm not sure if this is the right place for the latter.


Rasmus's presentation was definitely interesting, but will you be able to design and maintain a large system based on the skeleton code he presented?  If you can bring up a more specific topic I'd be happy to discuss design issues with you.

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The CMS system apparently is not so difficult to make, but i don't have all the information's, after 15 I will start to work an all of this, and i was hopping to clarify the issue with the servers, because i don't now haw this should work ?! The "security concerns with streaming" where I have to ask the questions ?


I don't now what will happened if the server will be confronted with allot of requests, and that is why i searched for methods to make improvements to a system.I read on zend.com the article. Because i don't have experience with big databases, i need testing.


I all so don't now if we need two servers ( this is in my mind now ). First for the databased-php and the second for the file-server, ( i was concern that when you will listen to a mp3 and dawn-load a video that task it shod be separated from the php server ) - This part - i need help all so. Haw do you see this problem ?


Thank you, for your reply !



First, how did you con this company into trusting you? 


I don't now why you think i con someone. This is the first "big project" that i was trusted basset on my previous work. ( allot of boring CMS for economy applications and SAP - part projects, and I work allot and learned allot of other things, not php- related necessarily, and staid working nights and skipping my classes and seminars,respecting dead lines and taking my exams.)

I learn to learn, this is the important thing, but if someone is born already with all the learning in they're head, I wasn't. I need more articles, books to learn from others like this projects.

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