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Mails are not recevied

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We send our software upgrade details over email once a user has given his old order number and email address.

We generate the mail format using the following code:

                           $message  =     "Greetings,\n\nBlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=     "BlahBlahBlah\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=  "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlahn\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "BlahBlahBlah\n\n";
               $message .=    "Regards,\nKaram Chand";
               $headers .=  "Bcc: support_upgrade@xxx.com\r\n";

                           $myname  = "Karam Chand Support";
                           $myemail = "noreply@xxx.com";
                           $subject = "Blah Blah Blah - Download instructions and registration code";  
                           $ret = mail( $email, $subject, $message, $headers );


As you can see we send a BCC to us too.

We receive all the upgrade mails but sometimes some of our customers dont get it. The percentage is like 20% which is pretty huge.

What might be the problem?

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