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I have big problem

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Hallo, I'm new here.
I have a project to develop.
I want to develop the online flower identification system using php.
The system will identify the flower name by analyze the input data from user.
The basic operation of the system is first user upload the unknown flower image. Based on the unknown flower image, user put the number of petal and color.
My big problem here is I want the system get the color and length flower's petal from the unknown flower image automatically. Anyone have idea to solve my problem.

In my opinion the flower models are constructed automatically based on number of petals user choose. The flower model is a simple line drawing that superimposed on the unknown flower image. So the user can adjust, moving, pointing and dragging the line or flower model. This is for the flower models fits or match with unknown flower images only to differentiate the flower and the environment behind the flower.

What actually I must do?
Because I was thinking php can not create that model. And what programming can create that flower model but can run with php?

I have no idea and sometimes make me crazy thinking about that thing because the dateline to submit this system very close.
Please someone give opinion or advice me.

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