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a to z

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I have an a to z list that takes the field topics_topic and prints an a to z list like:-





that is fine but what i wanna do is instead of having


like that

i want it like

lions lymas

in a table..

any ideas please?

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well, creating dynamic tables can be pretty complicated, but not exessively so. you need to determine how many columns you want to display before the table goes on to the next row. once you've done that, you're really pretty much set to go with something like this:
// assuming you already have your SQL results in variable $results

$columns = 5; // number of cells before we start next row
$count = 0;

echo "<table>\n";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($results)) {
  if ($count % $columns == 0)
    echo "<tr>\n";
  echo "<td>$row[word]</td>\n";
  if ($count % $columns == 0)
    echo "</tr>\n";

echo "</table>\n";

hope this helps! good luck

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