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Advertising Idea

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Apologies for starting yet another thread about this, but I've had a (possible) idea about advertising for the site.


You see, the problem at the moment with the kontera ads (aside from script hanging) is that sometimes you think someone is making a reference to their website, especially in forums like 'website critique'. it's been mentioned before, but it's very easy to get these links mixed up with user-added links. also, the ads ALSO show up on the 'headings' of forums, and as the headings are white text on a blue background, it can look a bit ugly.


so...how about this for a possible idea..A 'Welcome Back' page

when a user logs in, they get a 'welcome back' type page, with stuff such as 'like this site? want hosting? posts since my last visit, etc etc'. a button/link at the bottom of the page would simply say 'Proceed to PHPFreaks forum'.

for me, i personally keep myself logged in so never have to re-enter my username and password. but a 'welcome back' screen on my return would be fine.


if a single 'welcome back' screen would be the trade-off for not having so many of those link ads, i'd be happy with that. may even remind me more to donate.


it's also easy to forgot the 'lurkers' who would eventually turn into full registered users. having a 'welcome back' screen for registered users (think about it - these are the main people that will donate, as you have to register to post your problem to get help to it) would avoid a person who has only just found this site thinking it's an ad-farm with a bit of text about php included, not to mention how bad it can look to have the 'script error' on a professional coding site.


anyway, just some food for thought from me. Otherwise, keep up the good work, Eric. This site has been as valuable to me as the php manual itself.




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