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newbie questions

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i am really new to all this, so try and be gentle. i have two questions:

1) I am having users at my site submit a php form in parts, but after each part, the information is getting stored in the mysql database. on the last page, i want to have a confirmation page that lists only the fields that do not have empty values in a table. so, on the html table side, i set up a foreach loop of an array that prints out the table cells... however, i'm not quite clear on how to do the query for mysql. not only am i not sure how to do the query, but i am also unclear on how i can get the label along with it (so, what i mean is, have it know to print "first name" in the left cell and "[the first name value]" in the right cell. although, i would assume the [first name value] is simply the value of that array cell).

2) the php on the web server I am using is php 4.1 i believe. for storing and calling passwords, i have $_POST['password'] in the query string, which I have read is not great because of sql-injects. using quote_smart() was suggested, but my php version doesnt support that. how else can i securely store/access the password data?


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